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Strata QROPS was developed solely to meet the needs of our UK clients and assist with their pension transfer.

At Strata Wealth, we are a close-knit group of hardworking and dedicated financial experts, working out of offices across Ontario and British Columbia. Our goal is and has always been simple: to use our knowledge and experience to support and guide our customers in creating tailored wealth management strategies. Whether it’s helping an entrepreneur to grow their business or advising people on how to plan for their retirements, we are looking out for you and your interests, not our bottom line.

Our offices are located in some of the most beautiful regions of Canada, including our lake-front headquarters in Muskoka, Ontario and our office in Abbotsford, BC, which is surrounded by majestic mountains. We know how important a work environment is to our team and our clients, so we’ve gone above and beyond to make our offices feel like home, from the local coffee brewing around the clock to our four-legged friends that keep us company. In other words, we’re not your typical stuffy financial services provider. Our aim is to build real relationships with our customers in a welcoming atmosphere. After all, the better we understand who you are and what your goals are, the better we can serve you.

One of our team members, Simon Huften specializes specifically in transferring and managing UK pension transfers to Canada. He currently manages over $50M of UK QROPS accounts in Canada and has the knowledge required to ensure a safe transfer of your pension to Canada.

You can meet our entire Strata Wealth team on our main website by clicking here.

Meet Simon Huften

Simon is originally from Orillia, Ontario which is quite a small city located just over an hour north of Toronto. He started his financial planning practice in the Orillia/Barrie area with Freedom 55 Financial in 2009 offering financial solutions from London Life (now known as Canada Life). After approximately five years, he decided that he wanted to pursue his career in a much nicer climate and moved across Canada to Kelowna, British Columbia which is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

At this time, he left Freedom 55 Financial / Canada Life and became an independent broker which allows him to provide essentially all investment and insurance products available in Canada. His clients appreciate the unbiased advice he is able to provide because of his non arms length relationships with the top companies in Canada.

During this time, Simon developed a relationship with another investment firm in British Columbia who specialized in helping Ex-pats transfer their pensions from the United Kingdom to Canada. Unfortunately, in Feburary of 2017 the HMRC stopped allowing the transfer of pensions to Canada from the UK. Luckily, in September 2019 this was reversed and Ex-pats are allowed to transfer their pensions to Canada again (as long as they are age 55 or older and the pension qualifies).

Simon’s sole focus is to provide those with previous pensions in the United Kingdom determine if it is in their best interest or not to transfer their pension to Canada. For some, it makes a lot of sense and for others, it may not be the right decision (or time).

Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation to discuss with Simon what your best course of action is with your UK pension.

Why Choose Us

10+ Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience dealing in the financial and insurance services industry. One of our advisors, Simon Huften specializes in UK pension transfers (QROPS) and is able to smoothly transition your UK pensions to Canada in a very timely manner.

$100+ Million in Assets

Our team of advisors at Strata Wealth now manage well over $100 million in assets which includes UK pensions (now RRSP/RRIF accounts in Canada) as well as other investment accounts. Our UK clients benefit from our specialized pension transfer service. Ensure that your transfer is handled by a team of professionals.

Strong Relationships

We have built strong, lasting relationships in the financial and insurance services industry while providing specialty advice in UK pension transfers (QROPS).
Our connections in the UK and Canada ensure a smooth and safe transition of your UK pension assets to Canada. Our team will take care of everything.

In Person Service

We provide in person service in Canada. Our client base is located across Canada so we spend a lot of time travelling to see our clients physically in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, etc.

Many of our clients also enjoy communicating via Zoom, phone and email.

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